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Rice and Noodles

Lo Mein

Chinese soft noodles stir fried with onions, Nappa cabbage, carrots and bean sprouts
Vegetarian Lo Mein 12.00
Chicken or Pork Lo Mein 13.00
Shrimp or Beef Lo Mein 14.50
House Combination Lo Mein 14.50

Pan Fried Noodles

Chinese noodles pan fried to golden brown and topped with stir-fried vegetables
Vegetarian Pan Fried Noodle 12.50
Chicken or Pork Pan Fried Noodle 13.95
Shrimp or Beef Pan Fried Noodle 15.00
House Combination Pan Fried Noodle 15.00

Rice Noodles

Vegetarian Rice Noodle 12.50
Chicken or Pork Rice Noodle 13.95
Shrimp or Beef Rice Noodle 15.00
House Combination Rice Noodle 15.00

Fried Rice

Pan fried rice mixed with eggs, onions, bean sprouts, peas & carrots
Vegetarian Fried Rice 11.00
Chicken or Pork Fried Rice 12.00
Shrimp or Beef Fried Rice 14.00
House Combination Fried Rice 14.00